About the organisation

The National Distance Education University (UNED) has as its mission the public service of higher education through the modality of distance education. At more than 205,000 students, UNED has the largest student population in Spain and is one of the largest universities in Europe, offering: 2 Degrees, 65 Masters, 18 Doctorate Programmes, and over 600 lifelong learning programmes (Specialization Program, Teacher Training Program, Open Education Program, Open Education Program and Training Program in the Area of Health). Head Office and Associate Centers are striving to support students´ valuable work to their training education achievement. Since 1972, UNED has sought to translate into action the principle of equal opportunity in access to higher education through a methodology based on the principles of distance learning and focused on the needs of the student. UNED is the leader in the implementation of cutting edge technologies applied to learning, with the largest offer of virtual courses in Spain. UNED is involved in several European Projects, and also collaborating in bilateral and multilateral projects in Latin America, coordinating them or contributing as a partner.

Role in the project

UNED, along with EADTU, is preparing the policy recommendations to national government and the UE on Continuous Education (CE), Continuous Professional Development (CDP), and Short Learning Programmes (SLPs); in order to generate national, regional and institutional awareness and impact on opportunities offered by SLPs in Continuous Professional Education, CDP, and LL-Learning.

Team members

  • Esteban Vázquez Cano (E-SLP Manager at UNED)

  • Pablo de Diego Ángeles (E-SLP Pilot´s Coordinator at UNED)

  • Mª Mercedes Curtó Polo (E-SLP Pilot´s Coordinator at UNED)

  • Eva Expósito Casas (E-SLP partner at UNED (Education))

  • Esther López Martín (E-SLP partner at UNED (Education))

  • Ana Mª González Benito (E-SLP partner at UNED (Education))

  • Jose Manuel López Saez (E-SLP partner at UNED (Education))

  • Andrea Otero Mayer (E-SLP partner at UNED (Education))

  • Belén Gutiérrez de Rozas Guijarro (E-SLP partner at UNED (Education)

  • Leyre Burguera Ameave (E-SLP Pilot´s partner at UNED (Law))

  • Joaquín Sarrión Esteve (E-SLP Pilot´s partner at UNED (Law))

  • Mª Carmen Ortega Navas (E-SLP Pilot´s partner at UNED (Education))

  • Enrique San Martín González (E-SLP Pilot´s partner at UNED (Economics and Business))

  • Rosa María Martín Aranda (E-SLP Pilot´s partner at UNED (Sciences))

  • Paz Díez Arcón (E-SLP Technician at UNED)

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