About the organisation

National Association of Distance Education (NADE) was established with a purpose to promote the creation of the Information Society by developing distance education (DE) and improving its quality of e-learning in different sectors. The major purpose of NADE is to provide equal learning opportunities to all Lithuanian citizens, despite their place of living. NADE creates a distance-learning platforms, organizes distance education courses, carries out efficiency research and other applied distance education research in regional study and study support centers, other institutions. It also explores regional supply and demand for studies and courses in the field of pre-qualification, vocational education, post-secondary and higher education.  National Association of Distance Education brings together organizations in the different field of education such as higher education, vocational education and training, post-secondary and pre-qualification as well www.ndma.lt 

NADE is also active in the field of multimedia based learning developments and open educational resources basis. National Association of Distance Education is one of the main organizers of the annual international conference on innovative tools for teaching and learning ALTA'2017 - Advanced Learning Technologies and Applications, one of the most important activities of NADE - signed a cooperation memorandum to set up national coalition digital skills Lithuania promote and cooperate in the implementation of the Information society Development for 2014-2020 as well as a program for Lithuanian digital agenda www.skaitmeninekoalicija.lt . NADE regularly provide training to employees and members of the general public about the latest technologies and their application in the teaching and learning process using the latest technology and teaching resources. Regularly cooperates with Lithuanian Distance Education Consortium, advising and participating in their learning activities, as well as related to the application of new technologies in the teaching process, because in this application is very important to have a significant added value for both NADE staff - directly and indirectly by members of the Association and others and the members of other vocational institutions in all over Lithuania.

Role in the project

Translating pilot examples to opportunities within the partner’s own institution and context and exploring possibilities of connecting to the pilot SLPs. We are also hosting an on-site pilot on sharing expertise on SLPs. This includes involvement of staff members in 2 days exercises.

Team members

  • Danguole Rutkauskiene (senior manager, contact person)

  • Gytis Cibulskis (researcher)

  • Irena Patasiene

  • Renata Norbutaite

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