About the organisation

AGH-UST is one of the largest technical universities in Poland, with 17 faculties and over 27 000 students. For its profile is mainly engineering it cooperates with industry and business in Europe and beyond, offering its expertise and infrastructure to all sectors interested in state-of the art technologies and research. Vocational education has been always a key issue in AGH-UST due to its technically-oriented and highly practical profile. Especially the secondary level that provides potential students in specialised, technical subjects gains much attention from authorities and staff. Centre of e-Learning AGH-UST (CEL) in an independent unit of AGH-UST founded to cooperate with the faculties and provide technical and pedagogical support in on-line teaching and learning for academic teachers and PhD students. CeL takes part in national and international cross-disciplinary initiatives to develop, implement and promote TEL. It provides support and expertise for the university’s staff (VLE administration, technical and pedagogical training, awareness-rising activities, NQF compliance) and cooperates with universities, schools, NGOs and agencies both nationally and internationally to develop programme and tools enhancing online learning and teaching. Member of EADTU, Open Education Global and Coalition for Open Education.

Role in the project

AGH-UST is an E-SLP partner. It is involved in each of Work Packages and contributes to the project through the investigation and analyses of needs for SLPs, institutional policies, strategies, plans and current SLP offering, piloting SLP in local context, hosting on-site meeting on sharing expertise on SLP and dissemination activities.

Team members

  • Agnieszka Chrząszcz (manager)

  • Jan Kusiak (manager)

  • Karolina Grodecka (researcher)

  • Beata Tworzewska-Pozłutko (researcher)

  • Anna Bajer-Leńczowska (financial officer)

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