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Open University of Cyprus (OUC) was established in 2002 as the second public University of Cyprus and the only University devoted entirely to open and distance tertiary education at all three cycles (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral). It offers flexible, open access accredited programmes of study, enabling its students to follow a broad intellectual path, irrespective of their age, time, location and/or life circumstances. OUC is a university committed to endorse equal opportunities for all, serving the society through science, knowledge, research and innovation, contributing on many interdisciplinary scientific areas.

Open University of Cyprus offers well-planned, career-oriented undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study, as well as training programmes and online seminars on various areas, aiming at providing trainees hard and soft transferable skills. Studies at OUC are based on modern educational systems, new technological advancements and offer a refined ground for all interested applicants. The main educational tool is OUC’s eLearning Platform – eClass - that facilitates online teaching and learning, allowing the establishment of virtual classrooms, equipped with real-time and asynchronous collaboration tools. The eLearning Platform is a comprehensive and constantly evolving e-learning system that supports the educational process at all its phases.

OUC is growing quickly in academic stature and overall reputation. It accepted its first students in the academic year 2006-2007 (162 students enrolled in two Master programmes), and currently – 2016-2017 academic year -  its enrolment is approximately 5000 students in 26 programmes at all three study cycles (undergraduate, Master and PhD). Since its establishment, the University has more than 3600 graduates. The academic programmes are offered in both the Greek and the English language, a fact that attracts students from across the globe. OUC also enhances the mobility of its students and staff, as well as, its inter-relationship with conventional universities; offering joint or double degrees.  Aiming to become an attractive, regional, educational institution, OUC actively participates in many of the largest and most significant, international university networks and educational associations, such as EADTU, EDEN, ICDE, and EURASHE

Team members

  • Erato Ioanna Sarri (manager)

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