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European Short Learning Programmes

About E-SLP Project

E-SLP is a project about European Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) for continuous professional development and lifelong learning. Download flyer.

About SLPs

Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) or short degree programmes are a group of courses (units, modules or other learning building blocks) with a common subject focussing on specific needs in society and which are part of larger degrees. Different typologies and names exist throughout Europe.

SLP4U Portal

According to the European Short Learning consortium, a short learning programme (SLP) can be described as a group of courses (units, modules, or other learning building blocks) with a common subject, designed in response to a specific need, that targets higher education lifelong learners and delivers credit-based (ECTS) certification/credentials.

SLPs are shorter programmes stackable to larger ones such as a degree. These short programmes enable learners to have a feeling of progressing as they need less time to achieve a milestone. At the end of an SLP, after assessment, is awarded to the learner a credential that contains information related to the title of the qualification, the number of ECTS, the learning outcomes/competences, the level of the course achieved, assessment info and the grades earned.

On the SLP portal called SLP4U you can sign up for all kinds of SLPs.  
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SLP Characteristics

star to visualise the level of E-SLPs


European Qualification Framework (EQF)
ranging from foundation to doctoral level (4/5 to 8)

Clock to visualise the study time

Study time

Study time between 5 to 30 ECTS

Medal with two ribbons to visualise the E-SLP recognition and accreditation

Recognition and accreditation

Recognising SLP qualifications as part of wider degree programmes. Such that these qualifications are compliant with the (renewed) EQF as well as with quality assurance and accreditation procedures

Connection, lines connecting with circles to visualise the relation to formal degrees

Relation to formal degrees

SLPs must be regarded as building blocks to formal degrees

three persons connected via three arrows in a circle to visualise target groups

Target groups

Lifelong learners, who combine work and study or learn for personal development.
Internet logo, circle with horizontal and vertical lines to visualise the focus on online/blended SLPs

Online and blended

The E-SLP project will mainly focus on flexible online/blended SLPs

Four blocks to visualise the flexibility and scalability of SLPs

Flexibility and scalability

Implementation of flexible and scalable SLPs as main part of continuing education/continuous professional development and lifelong learning policies. Flexibility by for example responses to market, flexible building blocks to degrees, openness, non-stop enrolment, flexible learning paths, asynchronous, etc. and scalability by progressive accreditation, massive audience, easy context adaptation, etc.

Ear from side to visualise that E-SLPs are society and market driven

Society and Market driven

    SLPs respond to the demand of large numbers of students for a shorter study; to the immediate economic knowledge and skills requirements in enterprises, to cultural, social and environmental needs and personal development in society.

The project is funded under Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform – Initiatives for Policy Innovation - "Forward Looking Cooperation Projects"

Project Number: 590202-EPP-1-2017-1-NL-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD
Project Duration: 36 months 
Start date: 01-01-2018
End date: 31-12-2020
Coordinator: European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU)