The objectives of this E-SLP project are:

  • Defining the concept and position of Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) as part of higher education-systems and of policies for continuous education and continuous professional development, responding to needs of the economy and personal development;
  • Developing institutional policies, strategies and frameworks for the development and delivery of flexible and scalable SLPs in Europe, keeping pace with the size and diversity of needs of employers and employees and as an opportunity for learners to fit study programmes to their time horizon;
  • Empowering university leadership and staff for curriculum and course design, quality assurance and recognition for SLPs complying with the European Qualification Framework (EQF);
  • Developing guidelines for collaborative SLPs and related (virtual) mobility, enriching the content and quality of SLPs and raising their European outreach, scale and cost-effectiveness;
  • Designing next steps for change towards systemic and sustainable institutional, governmental and EU policies and strategies for continuous education, mainstreaming SLPs as a specific area of university provision, next to degree education and open education.
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