Connected organisations

Your organisation could be closely connected to the project by becoming member of the E-SLP Stakeholder Group. The Stakeholder Group incorporates the voice of connected organisations at different levels:

  1. European Stakeholders
  2. Governmental / National Stakeholders
  3. Companies and social partners (employers and employees) 
  4. Universities / HEIs.


The stakeholder group reflects on what SLPs are, what the relation is to the European Quality Framework (EQF) and prioritises on the most important needs for systematic change. This group will validate project results and will also point to all policy implications, using the Roma-technique (i.e., progress maker table), ending with a set of recommendations for policy makers at the institutional, national and European level.

The stakeholder group meets at least twice a year by online meetings. The last stakeholder group meeting will be face-to-face in alignment with the all partners meetings. For this meeting a travel budget is allocated.

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